The Royal Irrigation Department has begun draining water into rice farmland in Thung Pak Hai in Ayutthaya in order to ease the hardship of flood victims in Bang Barn, Sena and Pak Hai districts.

The decision to drain flood water from the three districts to Thung Pak Hai, a vast rice farmland of about 150,000 rai in size, came after officials were convinced that all the rice crops in the farmland had been harvested.

Earlier, residents in Bang Barn, Sena and Pak Hai had asked the Royal Irrigation Department to drain flood water in their districts into Phung Pak Hai to ease their suffering from flooding, but several farmers protested, claiming that they were yet to harvest their crops.

Flood water from the swollen Noi river has been drained through three of the nine sluice gates at Lat Chado, Lat Chid and Bang Kaew into Thung Pak Hai, resulting in the floodwater level in the three affected districts to stabilize at an average of two metres.

Irrigation officials said the department would not flood Thung Pak Hai in one go, but would spare some of the farmland to cope with another runoff mass from the North expected to arrive on October 6.

Meanwhile, the department said that it would continue to drain water downstream from the Chao Phraya dam at a rate of 2,000 cubic metres per second, but the amount of water would be reduced if there are no more rains in the central plains.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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