Farmers living in Kaeng Harng Maew wildlife sanctuary in Chanthaburi province scared away a herd of 50 wild elephants with firecrackers as the animals tried to raid their crops Friday night.

The thunderous sounds frightened and prevented the wild elephants from the crop raiding, and forced them to flee in various directions.

Unfortunately five of them fell into the muddy pond where they got stuck and unable to get out.

Farmers heard the shouting sounds of the five elephants early this morning, forcing them to alert sanctuary officials to come and rescue them.

Rescue team backed with a backhoe arrived at Village 5 of Tambon Paws in Kaeng Harng Maew district and began dredging a slope for the elephants to get out by themselves.

But as they got out, some turned to the backhoe in a bid to attack the driver.

With the experience of the driver in dealing with animals trapped in muddy ponds, he drove to confront the angry elephants and blew the horn loudly, scaring off the aggressive animals.

The five elephants later joined it's herd and went back to their traditional home.

Officials said they believed that farmers fired gunshots, burst firecrackers and throwing ping pong bombs in order to prevent crop raiding by wild elephants.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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