Alleged Laotian drug baron Xaysana Keopimpha appeared before the Criminal Court on Monday to hear the charges against him and clarification of the charges by the sitting judge.

No interpreter was needed during the pre-trial hearing because Xaysaya speaks Thai fluently and can understand Thai quite well.

He was charged with trafficking in Category 1 narcotic drug, methamphetamine and illegal possession of narcotic drug.

Xaysana denied all the charges against him and vowed to fight the case in the court.

After the judge read out the charge sheet for Xaysaya's acknowledge, the public prosecutor informed the court that he would present nine witnesses to testify in five sessions while the defence would present three witnesses in two sessions.

The court set February 13 as the first hearing of the case.

Besides Mr Xaysana who is facing charge of trafficking in narcotic drug, two Thais were charged with money laundering in connection with the Laotian drug barn's drug trade. They are Natthapol Narkkham and Akkarakit Benz Racing Worarotecharoendet.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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