Dropping temperatures on the country's highest peak, Doi Inthanon, in Chiang Mai to 3 degrees Celsius this morning turned grasses and tree leaves into flower frosts for the first time this year.

Doi Inthanon National Park chief Rung Hirunwong said the phenomenon has excited thousands of tourists who have flocked and waited for many days to see the natural phenomenon this morning.

He said the temperature on the hill dropped to 4 degrees while at the Kiew Lom viewpoint, it was 3 degrees

At the park's office, the temperature dropped to 11 degrees.

He said the dropping temperatures on the national park hill, particular at grass level, fell below zero degrees, thus turning dews on grasses and tree leaves to frosts.

Temperature was reported to fall below zero degrees at grass level, thus causing dews on grasses and tree leaves to turn frosts.

The flower frosts could be seen all over from Kilometre 42-47 along the route to the hill top from Kiew Mae Pan.

Apart from the flower frosts, tourists could also watch the sea of fog during sunrise, he added.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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