Phuket will now have the first mounted police patrol squad to safeguard tourists along the beach.

The first mounted police patrol was launched this morning on Surin beach.

Deputy commissioner of the Provincial Police Command 8, Pol Maj Gen Chalit Tintanee said before the official launch of the mounted police patrol on Surin beach that as Phuket is not only the significant tourist destination of the South and the country, but also the world, security for tourists visiting Phuket is therefore the first priority.

He said currently security provided for tourists visiting all beaches in Phuket by foot patrol might not be fully provided or sometimes in case of emergency could not get to the place in time as each of the beach is very long, covering several kilometres in length.

The idea of mounted police was then came up in mind as horse could access to every location on the beach faster than foot patrol which sometimes met with difficulties such as on the beach in case of crimes or water accidents.

Mounted police could respond to such emergency faster, he said.

But he said foot patrol will be on duty as usual alongside mounted police patrol.

He said as Surin beach is several kilometres long, mounted police would be introduced first here to help normal foot patrol to ensure safety for police.

He said if this was proved to be effective and successful, then it will be introduced at all beaches in Phuket.

He said the first mounted police squad will be stationed at Cherng Talae police station.

Head of the police station Pol Col Serm Kwannimit will be in charge of training mounted police and take care of their horses.

He added with the presence of mounted police in action, tourists will feel secure and safe to sunbath on the beach and to swim.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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