The Flight Research Upset Recognition and Recovery Training combats the number one cause of worldwide fatal aircraft accidents; Flight Research, Inc. is the only provider of URRT in supersonic aircraft for professional pilots

MOJAVE, Calif., Feb. 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Flight Research instructor and former NASA astronaut Billy Oefelien just gave a certificate of completion to the first ever civilian professional pilot to complete upset training in supersonic flight. Oefelien says, “It is a wonderful experience to train pilots to this ultimate level of competence and prepare them to save lives through this course.”


This is High-Performance upset training in supersonic aircraft using the T-38 Talon. Highly experienced instructors teach professional civil pilots to understand the characteristics of transonic and supersonic flight by relating aerodynamic theory to practical flying.

VP of Operations, Scott Glaser, explains why this course is unique and the first of its kind: “Civil jet aircraft have evolved into extremely high performance machines. Unfortunately, pilot training has not evolved at the same pace.  These aircraft are capable of very high altitudes and speeds, approaching supersonic, where airplanes behave differently than they do at slower speeds.  As such, a different set of skills is required to deal with upsets in this flight regime which are not taught to civil pilots. FAA Advisory Circular 61-107A details that a number of corporate jet airplanes have been involved in catastrophic loss of control during high-altitude/high-speed flight. Airplanes unintentionally exceeded the speed of sound during upset with catastrophic results due to lack of pilot training.  Flight Research provides the solution to fill this training gap, HiPer URRT.”

Flight Research URRT meets all FAA, EASA, and ICAO upset training compliance standards. It is a necessary part of any safety and training program as the most robust and comprehensive upset training in the world.

Tune in to see Flight Research, CEO Bill Korner address Loss of Control and pilot training on Fox Business Network this Sunday.

About Flight Research, Inc.

Flight Research leads the aviation industry in professional URRT, Flight Test Support, Spaceflight Orientation, Aircraft Maintenance, and Aerospace Research and Development.  Founded in 1981, Flight Research operates a fleet of more than 40 aircraft and is headquartered at 1062 Flight Line, Hangar 161, Mojave, California 93501.

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