Defence permanent secretary General Preecha Chan-ocha has defended his son against criticisms that the latter two construction contracts worth about 26.9 million baht from the army because of his connections.

Break his long silence since the emergence of the criticisms in the social media a few days ago, General Preecha claimed that his son complied with the bidding regulations like the other bidders.

He also said that he was out of the third army region for several years, apparently, referring to the construction projects of the third army region.

As for the separate criticism that a small dike project in Chiang Mai was named after the name of his wife, Mrs Pongphan, General Preecha maintained that the name was given by the local villagers which had nothing to do with his wife.

Although the association of the wives of the officials of the defence permanent secretary's office is not a unit of the office, General Preecha defended that the association has done a lot of social works for public interest.

As for the dike in Chiang Mai, he said the association had donated 7,800 baht fund for the dike construction.

He pointed out that he and his family had been subjected to public scrutiny because they share the same surname with Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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