Giving scholarships to sons and daughters Forest Conservation Officer, forest area bordering 5 provinces

June 16 – “Big Pom” offers scholarships to children Forest Conservation Officer Forest area bordering 5 provinces. Please help restore and conserve the forest to be pristine forever.

Today (June 16) at 10:00 a.m. Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister As the Chairman of the Forest Conservation Foundation Boundary 5 Provinces and the team presided over the scholarship awarding ceremony. to the sons and daughters of the working officers In the forest area connecting 5 provinces for the year 2023 at the Regional Development Office 1, Military Development Command, Phanom Sarakham District, Chachoengsao Province

In 2023, the Board of Directors of the Foundation resolved to approve the foundation Support scholarships for children at the elementary, secondary and higher education levels. Officers working in the forest bordering 5 provinces

Continue for the 18th year. In 2023, there are 355 scholarship applicants, divided as follows: Elementary level: 166 scholarships of 3,000 baht each; Secondary and Vocational level: 227 scholarships of 5,000 baht each; Tertiary and Higher Education level: 12 scholarships of 10,000 baht each. items from many agencies, both government and private sectors, for the foundation be given and distributed to government agencies and the general public, so today, before the ceremony Granting scholarships The foundation has arranged a ceremony to award compensation to the relatives of two deceased officers. for the people who were attacked by wild elephants There were 9 injured, 7 dead, a total of 16 people. 200 water tanks were given to the working units. located in the forest area connecting 5 provinces to be distributed to temples, schools, communities and villages

Prawit said on behalf of the Board of Directors. The Forest Conservation Foundation Boundary of 5 Provinces is very pleased. who have come to give scholarships today. Giving scholarships to children and daughters of officers who work in the forest bordering 5 provinces has been organized annually and this year is the 18th year. and director of the foundation All of you are aware of the duties of the officers working in the forest bordering 5 provinces and are concerned about the education of your children's children. and as a welfare for all staff Nowadays, education is important. This scholarship award In addition to being the morale and welfare of all officers. It also encourages sons and daughters to study well and be diligent. and have intentions to study as high as possible for the future of their children with the hope that the scholarships awarded It will be useful in your child's education. - Next daughter, let your children and grandchildren be attentive and diligent in studying, studying, being good children, obeying their parents, teachers, and being good youths. of the next nation I would like to thank everyone involved, especially the 1st Regional Development Office, Royal Thai Armed Forces Development Command for supporting the location, and the 13th Ranger Regiment for preparing various matters. to be in order

on this important occasion May all participants and students who received a scholarship for everyone Be happy and prosperous, have strong physical strength and help conserve The forest area connecting these 5 provinces is to maintain a forest that is abundant forever. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency