The Government Lottery Office (GLO) has scrapped the contracts with 3,858 lottery dealers and also with 544 registered lottery traders after finding out that they were involved in selling tickets in sets for higher prices, said GLO spokesman Thanawat Polvichai on Thursday (Nov 16).

He added that the GLO was in the process of revoking the contracts with another 3,000 lottery dealers suspected of involvement in putting lottery tickets in sets so they could claim higher prices from the retailers.

Of late, lottery vendors at various spots throughout the country sold their tickets in sets of 2, 3, 4 and up to a maximum 10 per set at 100 baht each instead of selling a single ticket at the controlled price of 80 baht. This malpractice has provoked widespread complaints of lottery overpricing from the buyers.

Thanawat explained that since many people were involved in the trading of lottery tickets, the GLO could not solve lottery overpricing problem with drastic action as it had to approach the problem carefully with all the related aspects being considered.

However, he noted that the overpricing problem could be resolved effectively if buyers refuse to buy the overpriced tickets.

The spokesman said that the GLO earlier tried to resolve the problem of lottery overpricing by postponing for two days the date for dealers to receive lottery tickets from the GLO so that they have less time to put together tickets of similar figures into sets for sale to the retailers.

The GLO is also considering introduction of batch tickets for sale to the public by itself if lottery tickets are still sold higher than the control price of 80 baht for a ticket.

It is confident the batch tickets could resolve the long-standing overprice problem.

GLO director Pol Maj Gen Chalongrat Nak-Athit said the idea of batch tickets would be submitted to the GLO board of directors for approval soon.

Under the batch system, he said the appropriate number of tickets to be issued will be five and will sold at 400 baht for one batch ticket. First prize winner of the lottery draw will receive 30 million baht, he said.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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