“Got” said that the reason for the end of a 10-year love affair, “Bow”, said that this time it had to be the way I wanted it to be.

Nine Entertainment, June 24 – After the ex-boyfriend "Bow Benchawan Ardner" came out to open his heart earlier to the end of a 10-year love affair that was hit by a former boyfriend "God Jirayu Tantrakul". Cancellation before entry that he still does not know the exact reason for the end of love Because the male side is still not clear. Accepting the shock and not being able to defend in time that there will be today

Most recently, "God Jirayu Tantrakul" opened his heart to speak for the first time after being silent for months. that the matter needed to be said I've said it all in private. who did not come out and say a lot because we feel we do our best We don't want to beat anyone. I don't want the story to bounce back and forth. because in the end it hurts every couple

We decided to come out as friends. Because I think that being friends would be the best, that's all. But admit it, it's a difficult decision. I understand his feelings and understand your own feelings I want it to be what he wants too. But this time I need to be the way I want it to be.

Now the state of mind is fine. It can also be accepted with everything that happens. will move forward with life because there are plans to go abroad in many countries After working day and night for a while But life is not much different. Because in the past, most of them were alone view of love changes but changed for the better and not yet ready to open up Let's live first.

Source: Thai News Agency