The Government and security agencies deem it necessary to intensify their actions by enforcing all laws against the demonstrators who act illegally, break the law, and show no respect for the rights of other people.


In his statement issued on 19 November 2020, Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha referred to continuing street rallies, saying that the Government and all parties have worked together to seek solutions to the political conflicts through peaceful means, based on legal procedures and democratic administration under a constitutional monarchy.


However, he said, the situation still shows no sign of easing, although the Government has shown its sincerity in tackling the conflicts. Security agencies have performed their duties to maintain peace and order with great efforts.


In so doing, they have followed international standards, on the basis of maintaining the atmosphere of unity and reconciliation for the interest of the majority of the people. They have also exercised great caution in dealing with the situation.


The Prime Minister pointed out that the situation has not yet improved and it is likely to escalate to more conflicts and violence. If the situation continues like this, it may cause damage to the nation and undermine the revered institutions, as well as the safety of the people and their property.


The Government has, therefore, decided to step up the enforcement of all relevant laws, in accordance with the country’s judicial process and international standards.



Source: The Government Public Relations Department