Three witnesses are due to testify to the Nakhon Phanom provincial court today (Thursday) on the second day of the pre-trial hearing to determine whether the controversial hit-and-run case against former schoolteacher Mrs Jomsap Sanmuangkote should be revived or not.

The three witnesses are Mrs Tasanee Harnpayak, 61, Mrs Thongret Wongsricha, 51 and Mr Thaksin Khaiseeda, a man whom Mrs Jomsap claimed she accidentally rammed her pick-up truck into the barbed-wire fence of his house, causing scratches on her vehicle.

Both Mrs Tasanee and Mrs Thongret earlier claimed that the driver of the pickup truck involved in the fatal hit-and-run incident was a man and not a woman, who was alleged by police to be Mrs Jomsap.

Mrs Jomsap herself and a handful of witnesses who included automative experts from King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Thonburi, and from Toyota Motors were presented to the court by the Justice Ministry.

While Mrs Jomsap insisted that she was not involved in the fatal accident, the automotive experts told the court that Mrs Jomsap's vehicle did not have any paint work or maintenance work which would have indicated that it was engaged in a collision.

Mrs Jomsap's vehicle was brought to the court and parked in front of the court house to be shown to the media and the public. When the sitting judge was asked to take a look at the truck, he declined, saying he would rather hear the testimonies about it from the witnesses.

After the completion of the testimonies by witnesses defending for Mrs Jomsap, it will be the turn of the public prosecutor to present his witnesses to reject the former schoolteacher's plea for a retrial of her case.

The prosecutor has rejected all the testimonies of former defence witnesses as well as new information pertaining to the pickup truck, claiming that they were obsolete and had been presented before.

The court was packed with an army of reporters who were on hand to report on the case.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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