The Immigration Bureau chief yesterday dismissed news report spread over the social media that immigration officials had ransacked luggage of inbound passengers at Suvarnabhumi international airport. But he suspected that they might be ransacked from the airport of departure.

Denial of the ransacking of passengers luggage by the bureau commissioner Pol Lt Gen Nattatorn Prohsunthorn followed after news of the ransacking at Suvarnabhumi airport was widely shared on the social media a few days ago. But nothing were stolen.

The commissioner said it might be possible that the luggage were opened at the airports of departure and of destination as part of the safety measure of each airport.

He mentioned airports in the United States, Canada, Europe, Israel, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea and said they can open or destroy the locks in case of suspicious luggage under the international safety rules.

But he assured that from the checking of Suvarnabhumi's CCTV cameras of checked luggage after disembarking from arriving flights to luggage reclaim area, there was no interruption of the luggage transport and no ransacking as alleged on the social media.

He advised outbound passengers with multiple luggage to tie their luggage together so as to prolong the time spent in opening by ill-intention people, saying the airport has such service for passengers.

In case something goes wrong with the tied luggage arrived at the airport destination, passenger could use the receipt of the service to seek compensation from relevant agencies, and to file complaint with authorities, he added.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

By tladmin