The Department of Highways has now finished constructing the second Bailey bridge before dawn today and open it to outbound traffic from Bangkok to the South to ease traffic jams formed by thousands of vehicles which many of them stranded there for over 20 hours.

The opening of the outbound traffic at Nong Ya Plong from Bangkok followed after the inbound traffic was possible after the first Bailey bridge at Ban Wang Yao was constructed and finished late yesterday.

But the Bailey bridge allows only one traffic lane.

Large cargo trucks and container trucks are not permitted to use the Bailey bridge as it could not withstand its loads.

Several thousands of vehicles forming over 20 kilometres long queue on both inbound and outbound traffic have to pass the temporary bridge one by one.

Inbound and outbound traffic on the Phetkasem highway at Bang Saphan district is reported to be very congested, and flow very slowly as several thousands of small and large vehicles waited to pass the Bailey bridges.

But the Department of Highways assured more Bailey bridges are being constructed to allow more traffic lanes to escalate the flow.

Now on both end of the Phetkasem highway at Nong Ya Plong and Ban Wang Yao bridges, remained very congested.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

By tladmin