JAKARTA, Indonesian state-owned aircraft manufacturer, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (DI), said yesterday that, the company delivered an NC212i aircraft, ordered by Thailand Department of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation (DRRAA).

The aircraft took a ferry flight yesterday, from DI’s delivery centre hangar in Bandung, West Java, and stopped at Sultan Syarif Qasim Airport in Riau, before flying to Thailand’s Hat Yai International Airport, and will arrive at Nakhon Sawan Air Base in Muang, Thailand, as its last destination, tomorrow.

“The NC212i aircraft is planned to carry out final acceptance by Thailand’s DRRAA on Thursday,” said DI’s Director of Finance, Risk Management & HR, Wildan Arief.

The specifications and capacity of the NC212i are ideal for Thailand’s geographical conditions, Arief added.

The procurement contract of the NC212i aircraft was carried out on Jun 18, last year between DI and A.I.C.E. Enterprise (Thai) Co., Ltd. where DRRAA is the end user.

This latest generation multipurpose aircraft from the NC212 series with a capacity of 28 passengers can be used for passenger transport, cargo, rainmaking, troop or paratroop transport, or medical evacuation.

DI has sent 120 units of NC212 series aircraft to various countries. Currently, DI is preparing another NC212i aircraft for Thailand, targeted to be delivered this Dec.

Source: Nam News Network

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