The Betong Chief District Officer on 1 August 2021 led a group of officials to inspect the Charo Ka-nga “sea of clouds,” which is set to be developed as a new tourist attraction in Betong district, Yala province.


The inspection was intended to work out a plan in line with the Government’s policy to turn Betong into a model city for full-cycle tourism development.


The Charo Ka-nga sea of clouds is found at the Charo Ka-nga community on Kapae Koto Road in Betong subdistrict. It is 1,557 feet above sea level and is located about four kilometers from the town of Betong.


This enchanting mist is distinctive, since it is recognized as the mist of two lands. The sea of clouds can be seen from both Thai and Malaysian sides. In late morning, the beautiful scenery of Betong is also visible from this scenic viewpoint.


Local residents are ready to offer travel services to take visitors to go up the hill to appreciate the Charo Ka-nga sea of clouds and the scenery of Betong.


Dubbed the “city in the mist,” Betong is surrounded by high mountains, with several famous tourist attractions. According to Thailand’s regional development plan, Betong is set to be developed as a border trade and tourist city, linking with Malaysia and Singapore.


Under the Government’s project in the “Triangle of Stability, Prosperity, and Sustainability,” Betong will become a model sustainable development city.


Construction of Betong Airport has been completed and is expected to begin operations after the COVID-19 situation eases. The new airport will facilitate travel to and from the southern border provinces and boost the local economy and tourism.


Source: The Government Public Relations Department