The Cabinet on 15 December 2020 acknowledged an integrated plan for the campaign to prevent and reduce road accidents during New Year celebrations 2021.

The campaign is being carried out in an integrated manner by all sectors in each area. Local administrative organizations, communities, volunteers, and the general public have been encouraged to take part in the campaign.

Emphasis is placed on serious law enforcement on a continual basis, along with awareness-raising about road safety among motorists and members of the public. The objective is to ensure that people will celebrate the New Year festival with safety throughout the country.

The integrated plan against road accidents for the 2021 New Year celebrations comprises five major measures. The first measure involves management, including the establishment of a road accident prevention and reduction center at the provincial and district levels.

The second measure seeks to reduce risk factors in terms of roads and the environment. The third measure seeks to reduce risk factors in terms of vehicles. In the fourth measure, the Royal Thai Police will strictly enforce the law to tackle drunk driving. The fifth measure involves assistance after accidents.

The campaign began on 1 December 2020 and it will be heightened between 29 December 2020 and 4 January 2021. A high fatality rate from road accidents during the New Year festival has prompted the Government to launch the campaign to facilitate the safe travel of people and bring down casualties and the death toll.


Source: The Government Public Relations Department