The COVID-19 pandemic has caused more than 62 million confirmed cases, and over 1.4 million deaths around the globe since 16 January 2020. The outbreak has caused unprecedented impacts on human mobility and leave migrants and mobile populations among the most vulnerable as they often lack access to social security.

Lao People’s Democratic Republic confirmed 14 newly imported cases on 23 November 2020, and one imported case on 17 November 2020. All 15 cases entered the country via charter flights and were tested positive during mandatory quarantine.

The country has had no new local infections since 12 April 2020. International, local and traditional Points of Entry (PoEs) nation-wide remain closed, except for designated PoEs that are approved to open for logistics purposes. Lao migrant workers are allowed to return via various PoEs.

According to Prime Minister’s Notice No.1291 /PMO issued on 26 November, the Lao Government will stop issuing entry visas for people travelling from countries with community outbreak. Charter flights between countries with community outbreak are also suspended, with humanitarian flights being the exception.

The Royal Thai Government further extended the State of Emergency until midJanuary. A Cabinet Resolution has been approved to allow eligible migrant workers in Thailand to extend their Non-LA visa for one year and work permit for two years. IOM is closely monitoring for further development regarding the relaxation of reentry requirements for Lao migrant workers returning to Thailand.



Source: International Organization for Migration