Israeli occupation forces Monday knocked down 6 residential structures and two animal barns to the east of the village of Jaba', east of Jerusalem city, according to witnesses.

Israeli forces, accompanied with bulldozers, proceeded to demolish six residential structures and two animal barns belonging to Palestinians in the said area, displacing at least 28 people, 18 of whom are under the age of 16.

Head of the anti wall and settlement commission, Waleed 'Asaf, said Israeli demolitions have escalated in Bedouin communities, including the ones that are located to the east of Jerusalem, as part of Israel's E1 settlement plan.

He noted that the commission staff has documented all demolitions and will begin working on rebuilding all demolished structures as soon as possible, in order to strengthen the steadfastness of Palestinians locals on their land and thwart all Israeli attempts to displace them.

According to a PLO negotiation affairs Department press briefing issued on February 2016, The foundations of the colonial enterprise labelled 'E1', targeting the Eastern Jerusalem Governorate, were laid in 1999.

The PLO department noted that the E1 plan is one of the most 'alarming and critical schemes' carried out by Israel, noting that it has 'increasingly become dire under the extremist right-wing Netanyahu government.'

If implemented, the 'E1' colonial enterprise would exclude Jerusalem from any final status settlement and consolidate the 'greater Jerusalem � eternal capital' program of successive Israeli governments, including the current Netanyahu government.

It stressed that the danger of the 'E1' zone lies in the fact that it fragments the land of Palestine and blocks territorial contiguity between the north and south of the West Bank.

According to the master plan that was approved in 1994, around 5000 housing units, 10 hotels, industrial and commercial zones will be built in 'E1' zone, which will entail the confiscation of 12.5 square-kilometers from the land of [Jerusalem's] al-Tur, al-Issawiya, and al-Eizariya.

The department explained, 'for the purpose of expanding its settler-colonial enterprise and emptying Jerusalem of its indigenous population, the Israeli government has stepped up its systematic onslaught against Palestinian Bedouin communities'.

The UN Secretary-General has previously expressed concern in a report of March 2015 that [p]lans to transfer thousands of Bedouin and herders [] may also be connected with settlement expansion. The Bedouins and herders are at risk of forcible transfer, a grave breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention, as well as multiple human rights violations.

Source: WAFA

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