The parents of a Japanese tourist who visited Thailand in December and has lost contact with his family and girlfriend since December 27 are now in Thailand to look for him.

Meanwhile, Thai immigration officials said that the Japanese, identified as Mr Sonamu Tsuboi, is still believed to be in the country as there is no record that he has left Thailand.

Sonamu's mother, Mrs Asako, told Khao Sod newspaper that her son worked in Australia and visited Thailand since early December with some friends who have already returned home.

She disclosed that Sonamu's girlfriend talked to her son via Facebook to inform him that she would join him in Thailand on January 7.

The girlfriend felt her son's voice didn't sound good and he suggested her not to come to Thailand, but she persisted and both agreed that she would be in Thailand on January 7, said Mrs Asako, adding, however, when the girlfriend arrived at the Suvarnabhumi international airport, her son didn't show up.

The mother said that her son was a responsible, family-loving man and never behaved like this before. She further said she felt for his safety, fearing that he might be hurted and could not contact anyone.

Sonamu was supposed to fly back to Japan on January 12 and he had already booked the ticket back with his girlfriends, said Mrs Asako.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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