Representatives of kamnan and village headmen nationwide arrived today in Bangkok to express their opposition to the move of the National Reform Steering Assembly to amend a local administration law that will require them to be elected from the people and stay in the position on a five-year term.

They were led by Mr Yongyot Kaewkeo, president of the Village Headmen Association of Thailand.

They disagreed with a proposed election of kamnan by the local people, instead of election by village headmen, with reason that this would turn them to politicians, instead of being local government officials.

They said election by the people will enable them to stay in the position on a five year term, while election by village headmen will enable them to hold on to the position until tracing retirement age at 60 years old.

Moreover the reform will cut short performance assessment from four years to three years, they said.

Besides, they said election by the people could be exploited by politicians, similar to election of MPs.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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