Khon Kaen school director axed for poor quality lunches

The director of a kindergarten school in the northeastern province of Khon Kaen was ordered transferred today from the school to the provincial office of the primary education with immediate effect after complaints were filed by school children's parents over poor quality of free lunches provided to kindergarten children in the school.

Dr Poommipat Ruanglae, director of Khon Kaen office of primary education, who signed the transfer order, said that he also ordered a panel to be set up to investigate Mr Apichart Nalao, director of the kindergarten school,

He added that the panel was expected to wrap up the probe within one week.

After the transfer order, Mr Apichart invited a group of parents to the school for clarification about the free lunches. He reportedly offered an apology to the parents and parents to improve the food quality in the future.

The school director maintained that the school's E-bidding to choose a contractor to prepare lunches for the school children was done in a transparent manner with emphasis on three aspects: reasonable pricing, food quality and hygienic.

One of the parents, Mr Danuphol Chumchonsamphan, said he personally did not harbor any grudges against the school teachers or the school, but several parents had complained about the quality of the lunches and wanted the contractor to take action and to improve food quality.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)