Today (30th November 2016) Labour Minister General Sirichai Distakul commenced the project promoting unity amongst employers and employees, and visited over 1,000 staff from 300 organizations in Samut Prakarn.

In his opening address he said, For over 7 decades of reign, the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej dedicated projects to help Thai farmers live well. He initiated countless projects and solved the people's problems using sustainable methods. Even though Thailand is moving towards a Thailand 4.0, the late King once said that 'when problems arise, everyone should think as one on the basis of truth, feasibility and suitability; more importantly, everyone must have good intentions and be sincere to each other. It is sincerity that we must uphold to manage good labour relations, working together as partners for better productivity and quality of life, which will also promote and support investments in the long run.

On the same day, the Labour Minister visited the Sirindhornrajvithayalai Foundation under Royal Patronage in Samut Prakarn, co-managed by the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare. The foundation was established to care for the children of workers is Samut Prakarn and surrounding areas, promoting physical, emotional, behavioural and social development, improving the lives of families. At present, the center has a total of 585 children, distributed over 19 academic levels.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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