The Ministry of Labour's Inspector-General and spokesperson Mr. Ananchai Uthaipatanacheep, revealed the importance that Labour Minister General Sirichai Distakul has placed on following directions of the National Council for Peace and Order 33/2560 on temporary measures to resolve obstacles in foreign worker management to provide exemption to enforcement of the Foreign Worker Management Act B.E. 2560 within the next 180 days, before 1 January 2018. The Labour Minister has reiterated to the ministry's officers to fulfil duties morally and ethically; any violations or acceptance of unsolicited gifts will result in a penalty and criminal case proceedings. Reports on any unethical behaviour can be reported to the 1694 and 1546 hotline, by calling 0 2232 1467 or via the website. The Labour Minister instructed a crackdown on illegal migrant worker recruitment agencies and direct employer to pay for fees through the MOU channels; illegal recruitment agencies will be penalized per legal proceedings.

In addition to this the Labour Minister reiterated that the ministry's officials must help create awareness and spread the right understanding of different processes and details. This is so that people who can access services correctly and efficiently, providing an overall better experience.

The Ministry of Labour has established centers to facilitate foreign worker management, whereby Permanent Secretary of Labour M.L. Puntrik Smiti has gathered all affiliated units to collectively provide services to employers who contact the center regarding foreign worker management. She emphasized reinforcement during 24 July to 7 August 2017 where the center expects many visitors in conversion to becoming legal migrant workers. This will help all sectors including the economics and stability side, as well as promote a positive trade image for the nation, concluded Mr. Ananchai.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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