Today (30 June 2017), Labour Minister General Sirichai Distakul chaired the commencement for the committee meeting on work in fisheries B.E. 2558 for the first time this year at the Prasong Rananant conference room. The meeting comprised consultations with representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Public Health and fishing vessel owners, who were appointed as committee members.

Permanent Secretary of Labour M.L. Puntrik Smiti, chairperson of the committee, spoke about the meeting's objective to outline responsibilities, progress on ancillary laws for the Work in Fishing Act B.E. 2558 and other relevant issues to allow committee members to share their ideas and suggestions. The meeting also gave consideration to accelerating ancillary laws and also requested approval for principles in issuing ancillary laws which may not be necessary for implementation at present.

The Labour Minister then presented the following guidelines to the committee members:

1. Acceleration of ancillary laws in progress towards enforcement, through forming an action plan and clear timeline.

2. Integration, whereby focusing on collaboration between governments, senior labour officials, vessel representatives and seafarer representatives.

3. Spreading awareness on processes in issuing service licenses and other government-related services to align and meet international standards.

4. For officials to follow ministerial orders from each ministry, working transparently and ethically, free of corruption and discrimination.

The above processes will increase competitiveness in the sea transportation and the vessel-commerce industry, particularly in preventing unfair measures and enforcing vessel inspections, boosting confidence in Thailand's transportation industry by meeting international standards.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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