The Ministry of Labour will not bow to the demand of the Thai Labour Solidarity Committee for a single minimum wage rate to be applicable nationwide and will propose to the Cabinet on Tuesday the tri-partite Wage Committee's decision on January 17 to increase the wage rate by 5-22 baht a day.

Labour Minister Adul Saengsingkaeo on Monday met with Mr Chalee Loisoong, vice president of the Thai Labour Solidarity Committee to discuss the minimum wage issue which was already settled by the Wage Committee on January 17.

The minister said that the committee's decision to adjust minimum wage rate from 5-22 baht a day depending on conditions in each respective province was the highest rise for the past three years.

Regarding impacts from the minimum wage rise on SMEs, he said that the government had meted out several measures such as tax break, development to upgrade products of SMEs and price control of consumer products to cushion the impacts from wage increase.

As for the proposed nation-wide single minimum wage rate, the minister said that the proposal was accepted for consideration because it sounded logical.

Union leader Chalee said the uniformed wage rate would be fair to all workers because it would enable them to live a decent life.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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