Permanent Secretary of Labour M.L. Puntrik Smiti chaired the workshop to present policies to labour volunteer networks in Maha Sarakham today (25 May 2017) at the Maha Sarakham Labour Office. She said that labour volunteers are crucial in supporting the Ministry of Labour's missions by connecting the ministry with communities, getting to know the people's true needs and then requesting support from the government sector. This has included the Ministry of Labour and other government units, in projects such as urgent employment, labour skills training, campaigning registration for Section 40 insurer or planning labour resolutions in the local area. The labour volunteers' role has utilized the ministry's services in effectively resolving the people's obstacles and thus the Permanent Secretary thanked all labour volunteers for their voluntary spirit in helping the local people. She said that in Maha Sarakhram there are 133 labour volunteers in 133 subdistricts, with networks covering 757 communities. In 2021, the provincial labour office aims to extend its coverage to 1,944 communities.

On this occasion, the Permanent Secretary of Labour presented silver stars to 27 people who passed national skill standards assessments in the building electrician category, aiming to improve skills to internationally recognized standards and to promote more people to take part in the skills assessments. The assessments are part of government policy including the Ministry of Labour's, which gives emphasis to Thai craftsmanship and global competitiveness, aligning with the national 20-year people development strategies and the 8 dimensions. To boost these efforts, the Department of Skills Development has also established 12 advanced technology centers nationwide.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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