The driver of a Lamborghini sports car was unscathed and two passengers inside were slightly injured when the car lost control, grazing a motorcycle and crashing into a palm tree.

The palm tree was broken apart after being struck by the speeding Lamborghini Murcielago sports car.

But the sports car was turned to wreck when the impact severed it nearly in half and forced it's two left wheels to come off.

The incident happened ?at 03.00 am Monday? on the Praditmonootham road.

Chokechai police said the driver of the sports car and two friends are all in their late 20s, while the slightly injured man and woman on the motorcycle grazed by the sports car are in their late teens.

According to police, the driver of the sports car was identified as Mr Satiravat Kampiranon.l

He was unhurt while his two friends suffered bruises in their legs and arms.

The car was borrowed from his friend in real estate business, police said.

Satiravat said after having a dinner at a restaurant on the same road with friends, he borrowed the car from a friend to drive junior friends home on Nawamin road.

As he drove on the steep portion on the Klong Kliang bridge, the car hopped and became airborne.

The car lost control, grazing a couple on a Honda motorcycle, hitting the sidewalk and ramming into a palm tree on the pavement.

The car was then nearly broken in half and two left wheels splitting off and rolling over 500 metres away.

He and his friends were safe with only minor bruises, he said.

Rescue workers however rushed the couple and two in the sports car to Phyathai Nawamin hospital for check.

Police said the driver was tested with no alcohol drinking but he was booked for reckless driving for causing injuries to others and damages to state property.

They are coordinating with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to assess the value of the palm tree after it was broken into two parts by the crash.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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