The Koh Chang national park has fined a local tour guide on Koh Chang for catching the scaly giant clam to tourists for selfies.

The action came after picture of Chinese tourists holding a giant clam was posted on the social media and was later widely shared.

The tourists were reported to dive in the sea off Koh Rang in the area of Koh Chang national park.

Many viewers questioned the behaviour of this group of tourists for catching the giant clam for selfies as giant clam is a protected specie, and they demanded punitive action for local guides who took them to dive and catch it for selfies.

Investigation by park officials layer found the Thai guide.

He was a guide of a local tour company on Koh Chang.

Upon interrogation, the local guide admitted of taking the tourist group for diving near Koh Rang, and said he was the person who caught the giant clam to the group for selfies.

He was later fined 500 baht for taking the clam out its place which is an offence.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

By tladmin