“Mai” tells of moments celebrating 6 years of love. “Ter” Fung wants to speak sweetly often.

Nine Entertainment, Extremely happy with 6 years of love for the young heroine "Mai Davika" who came out to tell the moment when she was surprised by her boyfriend "Ter Chantwitch" that he already knew. What will the other party give? Because "Ter" said that on that day he intended not to accept work in order to want to spend time together. You can call it a locked day. Normally we've been together for a long time and our first thing is to work and then meet up. But once we've locked the day and spent time together It felt so good to actually spend time together.

As for everything about flowers, I already know what to do because I have to notify at home. But the real surprise was the balloon. Pee Ter is normally a very shy person. If I don't speak sweetly like this in front of me, I personally would like P'Ter to speak in front of me like this. But sometimes there are two or three voices spoken, which many people think must definitely kneel down and propose. As for myself, I don't have anything attached to it. But the manager forbids it. Better tell them to work first. If you kneel, you might get run over and have your leg amputated. It is seen that both of them now still want to have a lot to do. Haven't made any plans to decorate it yet. I want to work behind the scenes first and then think about family.

Source: Thai News Agency