BUKIT KAYU HITAM, Kedah state, Malaysia � The abolition of the Bukit Kayu Hitam toll collection which takes into effect midnight yesterday after 32 years will boost development in the dynamic border town. (Bukit Kayu Hitam is Kedah state's main border town on the Malaysia�Thailand border. )

Bukit Kayu Hitam state assemblyman Ahmad Zaini Japar said the move would attract more visitors from neighbouring countries, thus boosting the Duty-Free Town, and Technology and Science Park upon their realisation.

We are confident that the arrival of more tourists from the neighbouring countries will increase the revenue flow of foreign funds from overseas and at the same time, improve the standard of living of the people through trade activities, he told reporters after attending a brief ceremony to mark the last day of the toll plaza operations here yesterday.

He said the abolition of the toll which he had long fought for, would help the people and traders who commute in the area for business and tourism.

We have been fighting for it for more than 10 years as the toll was a burden to the people...so the decision shows the sensitivity of the government towards the state government, he said.


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