KOTA BHARU, Kelantan state, Malaysia July 6 (NNN-Bernama) Investigation into the case of a 41-year-old man marrying an underage girl as his third wife at Sungai Golok, South Thailand on June 18, has concluded said Kelantan state Syariah chief prosecutor Zaini Sulaiman.

He said the department received the investigation report from the relevant authorities Wednesday and would review the report before further action could be taken.

"Based on preliminary investigation, the child was not a victim of sexual violence and the Narathiwat Islamic Religious Council did not issue the couple a marriage certificate.

I have to study the report first before a charge is made," he told reporters at a Hari Raya gathering held at the Lundang Islamic Hall here yesterday.

According to Zaini, he would have to look into two aspects from a legal point of view such as 'iddah' of a person who has or has not reached puberty and if approval had been given.

We are also not certain if the neighbouring country has a ruling on the minimum age for marriage," Zaini said.

Earlier photographs of the man marrying the 11-year-old which went viral on social media sparked outrage after the matter was disclosed by his second wife.

The girl's parents who are Thai nationals living in Gua Musang work as rubber tappers to earn a living.NNN-BERNAMA

Source: NAM News Network