KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi says the country will hold further talks with Thailand on the future of 11 Uighurs who escaped detention in Songkhla province and are now wanted for extradition by China.

"We are liasing with officials from Thailand, where some of them were held, and we will take action that won't offend any country and the decision God willing will be the best decision"

"We will have further talks that will touch on diplomatic and security issues between the countries involved and we will take into account the feelings of humanitarian groups and also human rights (groups) from this country, Southeast Asia, and globally."

The 11 ethnic Uighur from China were among 20 that escaped from Thailand last year by digging through their cell walls with broken tiles.

Malaysia is investigating if they were involved in any terror activities as China put in an official request to extradite the members of the ethnic, Muslim minority.

Earlier this month, the United States expressed concerns over Malaysia's possible deportation of the Uighur, while Human Rights Watch called on Malaysia to ensure the detained Uighur are not forcibly deported to China as they face "credible threats of imprisonment and torture".

Source: NAM News Network

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