A total of 200,000 Mangmoon cards have been distributed to members of the public and many cardholders have started to use the cards today (Saturday) for travelling on the Purple Line and Blue line trains, but not with the BTS Skytrain service because the ticketing systems are not yet connected pending negotiations between the two operators �BTS and MRTA (Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand).

The Mangmoon cards are supposed to be common tickets which can be used by the commuters to travel on all modes of public transport, including skytrain, subway, city bus and airport rail link service. But this is yet to be realized although 200,000 Mangmoon cards have already been distributed.

However, it is expected that starting October 1, holders of Mangmoon cards can use the cards to travel on the city bus when many city buses will then be installed with E-ticketing system and, then in the next step, the service of Airport Rail Link.

For the time being, holders of Rabbit cards, estimated at about 800,000, that can be used for traveling on BTS skytrain cannot connect with the Purple or Blue lines of the MRT.

An MOU on cooperation of ticketing systems between BTS and the MRTA was signed in October last year, but inexplicable delay in the connection of the two systems has prompted the BTS to develop its own e-money service called Rabbit, which is a common ticketing platform between BTS and any participating mass transit systems while extending its usage into retail, service and tourism sectors.

Earlier, MRTA tried to persuade BTS to switch its Rabbit cards to Mangmoon cards so that there will be one common ticketing system, but the matter remains inconclusive.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)