On 20 March 2017, Labour Minister General Sirichai Distakul presented policies on the inspection of international labour offices for 2017. He said, The Ministry of Labour's policies for 2017 have set this year as the year for driving knowledge and evaluating satisfaction in support of the 20-year national strategy and reformation agendas. Thus, Thai labour offices abroad must be equipped with information and understanding on current happenings locally and within the Ministry of Labour which includes the 20-year national strategy towards a Thailand 4.0 and the 20-year strategy on human resource development. In addition to this, the labour offices should study policies, legislation, labour laws and traditions in their stationed country for better operations.

A case study will be conducted once a month about Thailand and the workforce, which will analyze direct and indirect impacts, informing management of the quickest solutions for both sending and receiving countries. The information will also help to ensure that workers align with employers' needs and promote knowledge and cultural understanding, equipped with skills upon return to Thailand to develop the nation further. Opportunities created for the Thai workforce will increase income and resolve illegal migration. For example, there are many Thai workers in Korea but only one third are of legal status. We will need to evaluate both government and ministerial policies, as well as stakeholder satisfaction, concluded the Labour Minister.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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