The Medical Council of Thailand has agreed to investigate the death of a patient at a private hospital who died two days after he was admitted to receive leg injuries from a traffic accident.

The council's secretary-general Dr Sukij Tasanasuntarawong promised the probe after the victim's parents and lawyer brought with them medical treatment records, autopsy result from the Institute of Forensic Medicine to back their call to probe their son's death.

According to the parent Sontaya Supanich, his son Akkarachai was admitted to a private hospital in Samut Prakarn on August 3 last year from broken leg injury after he was hit by a taxi while riding on his motorcycle.

He said before his son had an internal fixation of the fractured leg bone, he was normal.

But after the surgery his blood pressure dropped sharply forcing doctors to readmit him to ICU ward immediately for shock.

He underwent abdominal surgery to find the cause of shock but nothing unusual was found, he said.

But two days after, his son succumbed to the shock.

Before their petition to the council, the parents brought the coffin containing the body of his dead son to the hospital to demand clarification of the death, and showed responsibility.

But the hospital director claimed he just assumed the position and asked for time to check with medical staff giving treatment to the victim.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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