Mei Kab flower frosts appeared on Doi Inthanon for the fifth consecutive day this morning amid falling temperature, attracting several thousands of visitors ascending to the top of the hilly national park to experience this natural splendour.

Chief of Doi Inthanon national park in Chom Thong district of Chiang Mai, Mr Rung Hirunwong, said tourism atmosphere on the park remained lively with over 5,000 visitors coming to experience the cold and the flower frosts.

He said the temperature this morning on the top of Doi Inthanon fell to 4 Celsius, same as at Kiew Mae Parn hill.

In addition to flower frosts that appeared for the fifth day this morning, visitors also enjoyed sea of fog during sun rise.

He said flower frosts could be seen from Kiew Mae Parn or on Km 42 to Km 47.

Along the five kilometre stretch of the hill road, flower frosts appeared on both sides of the road, particularly at Km 47 where the white flower frosts were most magnificent and beautiful, he said.

He said apart from white flower frosts, Siamese Sakura flowers also are blossoming around the park office, Ban Kun Klang, Phra Tamnak Phatang, and the orchid conservation centre.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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