BANGKOK, Thailand -- A minibus rolled down a steep slope near a parking lot, killing two tourists and seriously injured two in northern Thailand's Chiang Mai on Tuesday, local media reported.

According to Daily News, the passengers boarded on the vehicle in a parking lot and the minibus suddenly slid backward and moved quickly downhill, hitting a food stall.

Two passengers managed to jump out from the vehicle, though seriously wounded. The other two failed to do so and fell off. They were killed on the spot after the minibus ran over them.

Minibus or the so-called red car, is a modified pickup truck used as a share taxi. There are two bench seats fixed along either side of the back of the truck. It has become the most popular and cheapest option to get around Chiang Mai by the vehicle.

However, the minibus doesn't have any seat belts, nor any other safety equipment on board.


By tladmin