As flood situation is improving with most affected areas in the South returning to normal slowly, but the Ministry of Agriculture is prepared for another round of natural crisis, drought, which is arriving in some parts of the country.

It is planning to make artificial rains to ease the situation in case drought is worsened.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives had a meeting yesterday to discuss the expected drought this year.

The meeting agreed to implement the royal rain program to help farmers in the coming dry season which is expected to begin next month.

Agriculture Minister Gen Chatchai Sarikalaya announced that the ministry was making preparations to cope with the possibility of drought in the dry season which will soon be arriving.

He said the main focus will be the creation of artificial rains under the royal rain program to help supplement water shortages.

As part of the effort, a crop planting plan will also be set up in order to reduce over dependence on limited water resources and thus reduce the risk of crop failure.

He stated that the artificial rain program will focus on generating rains to replenish depleted water supplies in vital dams such as at the Lam Nam Rong, Lam Soh, Wachiralongkorn and Srinakarin dams.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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