Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour Mr. Singhadet Chu-umnart assigned the Bureau of Inspection and Evaluation's expert Mrs. Rasee Benjatikul to welcome Major General Preecha Saipetch and committee from the Defense Mobilisation Department on visit to observe command practice exercisies (CPX) and military preparation for 2017 at the Executive Operation room. The Ministry of Labour presented plans on preparing its workforce, coupled with a preparation training center in support of military and defense working teams. The training was a collaborative effort through the Defense Mobilisation Department Eoc web system, implemented once a year. On the 24th of May, the Ministry of Labour joined the National Security Council in launching the CPX for military preparation this year, through video teleconference (VTC) at the Ministry of Labour's Networking and Regional Support division.

The plan to gather resources for the nation's defense is assigned to various units in order to efficiently provide the nation with any defense measures it may need. The plan involved 10 dimensions including manpower, food, water, transportation, communication, public health and medics, industry and production factors, fuel and energy, information dispersion and other facilitations.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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