As more rains are expected throughout this week, current flooding in several provinces located in the Chao Phraya River basin, especially along irrigation canals and levees, are expected to deteriorate after the Chao Phraya Dam now is forced to reduce its water load in preparation for runoff from the north.

Now the situation in many provinces is approaching crisis level.

Nakhon Sawan is the recent province hard-hit by overflows from the north directly after Phichit and Kamphaeng Phet provinces.

As of the present, provincial authorities have declared four districts as flood disaster zones.

There are reports of floodwater bursting levees and flooding homes in Talad Mai community located within Nakhon Sawan municipality forcing residents to evacuate their homes and take temporary refuge along old unused railway tracks.

Also in Ang Thong province where worrying reports coming in of waters springing up from the bottom of the Rieng Hin Dam and flooding villages in Jampa Lor sub-district in Ang Thong municipality under more than 60 cm of water.

The flooding situation in Phong Pheng district meanwhile is getting worse with many areas reporting flood of almost 1 meter depth.

Ayuthaya province is similarly bad with flooding being reported in many areas.

The municipal market in Sena municipality is now being flooded after water from the Mae Nam Noi river burst its banks.

Authorities have been forced to order continuous pumping in order to stem the rising flood water. Hua Laem community located in Tawasukri district similarly, is reporting water overflowing levees and flooding the area under 60 cm of water.

Residents here are now resorting to using small boats to get around.

The worsening situation has forced the Irrigation Department to call an urgent meeting with its sub-committee overseeing and monitoring the flood situation to come up with a new strategy to address the flood crisis.

The meeting concluded with a decision to increase water discharged from the Chao Phraya Dam from the current 1,790 cubic meter per second to 2,000 cubic meter per second.

This follows a recent update from the Meteorological Department of the arrival of more rains in the Central Plains later in the week.

Critically, the Irrigation Department is also preparing a report for the governor of Ayutthaya explaining why it has not begun diverting overflows into 'Kaem Ling' (monkey cheek) temporary water containment facilities instead of diverting them into the Chao Phraya river.

In Bangkok soldiers were ordered in preparation to help residents in several flooded areas, particularly in Muangthong Thani, Sai Mai, Don Mueang, where flood water has not receded but instead will increase as more rains were forecasted this afternoon.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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