New Year's Eve chanting ceremonies tonight will see more youths and children taking part to wish for success and happiness in the new year, according to the survey of the Ministry of Culture.

National News Bureau of Thailand said Culture Minister Weera Rojphotchanarat disclosed the ministry's survey showing that half of the respondents intends to attend a New Year's Eve chanting activity, to wish for prosperity in 2017,

It surveyed the public's opinion on New Year's Eve chanting activity entitled: Ending the Old Year the Thai Way and Welcome the New Year the Buddhist Way.

Over 70 percent of the respondents, especially children and youth, intends to attend the New Year's Eve chanting activity, and over 58 percent of them states that they would participate in this year's New Year's Eve chanting ceremony to usher in good things into their lives and to portray a good image of the country, he said.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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