YANGON, Myanmar, Myanmar's regional authorities, have busted 1,242 drug trafficking and related cases, in Sagaing region, as of Oct 17 this year, the official Global New Light of Myanmar, reported, Saturday.

From Jan to Oct 17, about 22.8 kg of white opium, 200.6 kg of black opium, 4.4 million yaba tablets, and 1.67 kg of other stimulant drugs were seized in the region.

According to the figures, 30 kg of heroin, 5.5 million yaba pills, and 1,123 kg of other stimulant drugs were seized, in connection with 1,346 cases, in Sagaing region.

At present, the authorities are accelerating efforts to eradicate drug trafficking in the country.

The government has opened 26 drug rehabilitation centres nationwide, with some 47 sub-centres, as well as, some 51 Methadone clinics, established in high-drug-use townships, providing replacement therapy.-- NNN-MNA

Source: NAM News Network