Azerbaijan women's second team competing in the 42nd Chess Olympiad is playing against Japan. Nargiz Umudova, playing on the fourth board, was the first to finish her game by beating Misaki Shibata.

Sharing her impressions in the press conference after the game, Umudova pointed to spectators' support.

"In chess, it is usually difficult to play at home because there is always some pressure. However, in our case the support of our fans gives us additional power. We don't feel any pressure on us. Our family and friends support us. This also gives us extra strength. We can expect all our teams to win 4-0 today. I do hope that we will win."

Asked about the chess players' meeting with President Ilham Aliyev, Umudova said, "After the opening ceremony, the President met with us. We are very proud of that. This is a rare occasion on a global scale for so much support to be provided for sport on government level. This provides young players with additional incentive to play chess."


By tladmin