The Royal Thai Police will introduce the use of new traffic tickets within 120 days as of Aug 18 when an announcement of the new traffic tickets was published in the Royal Gazette.

According to Pol Col Krisana Pattanacharoen, deputy spokesman of the RTP, there are three types of new traffic tickets:

Type 1 is handwritten and issued by a traffic policeman to a traffic violator and it is good for seven days to substitute the driving license.

Type 2 is mailed to the traffic violator after he/she was caught by surveillance cameras in the act of violating traffic law

Type 3 is E-ticket which is issued electronically.

The deputy spokesman said that the E-ticket is now being developed and improved which will take some time for completion and put into use.

One additional feature of the new traffic tickets is that there is English content in the tickets and there is also a bar code which will make it convenient for the violators to pay fines through commercial banks.

The new traffic ticket also has the Denial of Offence box for those who would like to challenge the charge. The denial of offence comes under three circumstances�1.Do not commit the offence, 2.Not the driver at the scene and 3.Not the owner of the vehicle at the scene.

Those who chose to challenge the officer must bring the traffic ticket and evidence to the officer who issued the traffic ticket or inform inquiry official to investigate the fact within 15 days upon receipt of the ticket.

Pol Col Krisana said that traffic violators who were issued with traffic tickets of any of the three types will have their driving scores recorded and shown on the tickets.

Pol Lt-Gen Witthaya Prayongpant, the assistant police chief, said that all police stations across the country had been notified of the introduction of the new traffic tickets and to hold training course on the use of the new tickets and the filling of information into the tickets for traffic policemen.

The RTP's database on traffic violators will be linked with the database of the Land Transport Department and this means that those who do not pay the fines to the police may be rejected by the department when they bring their cars for the annual road tax payment and inspection.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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