The National Human Rights Commission has condemned the killing of a pregnant woman by suspected southern militants in Panareh district of Pattani on Saturday, calling it a brutal and inhuman act.

The victim, Ms Rattikarn Chamwang, who was nine months pregnant, and another woman, Mrs Saijai Thongdee, were standing in front of a stall selling fried chicken in Palat market when an assailant, believed to be southern militant, approached them from behind and shot at both of them at point-blank range before escaping.

Both were later rushed to the district hospital where Ms Rattikarn was pronounced dead. Doctors tried unsuccessfully to save the life of the unborn baby. Mrs Saijai was wounded and hospitalized.

The NHRC said in a statement issued on Sunday that the killing of pregnant woman was brutal and inhuman. It pointed out that, in the past few months, there were several cases of violence being perpetrated against woman, children and the elderly in public places despite efforts by authorities concerned to deal with the perpetrators.

The attacks against Mrs Saijai and Ms Rattikarn coincided with global campaign against violence of all forms against women.

Expressing her sorrow for the families of the two victims, Mrs Angkhana Nilapaichit, a member of the NHRC, said she would visit the three southernmost border provinces Sunday afternoon to follow up the unrest situation in the region.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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