The National Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRC) reiterated it's own fact-finding inquiry of the shooting of a Lahu hilltribe activist Chaiyaphum Pasae with strong belief that the victim of the extra judicial killing had no connection with drug trafficking as authorities believed.

NHRC chairperson Mrs Angkhana Neelapaijit said Friday that the NHRC would go ahead with the fact-finding inquiry on drug connection with the activist as drug and extra judicial killing are different issues.

She said the NHCR would find out facts which linked the victim to drug, while extra judicial killing is another point which also needed to find out whether it was legitimate or not, as well as autopsy and collection of evidence were conducted in accordance with the laws or not.

Meanwhile a fact-finding Investigation team appointed by the Army yesterday inspected the scene of the shooting of the Lahu youth activist at the Ban Rin Luang village checkpoint in Muang Na sub-district in Chiang Dao district of Chiang Mai province.

The team was led by Third Army Region deputy commander Maj. Gen. Sompong Chaeng-Chamrat.

He was briefed by soldiers manning the checkpoint, and led to see the closed-circuit TV camera at the scene.

It was reported that video footages had captured the shooting and now kept as evidence which will be used to determine if security personnel had used excessive force.

He said soldiers told him that they stopped and asked to search the vehicle driven by Chaiyaphum.

Apparently Chaiyaphum had tried to escape by running towards the driver's rest-stop.

He said soldiers had first fired a warning shot but this did not cause him to stop and they had no choice but to shoot him and he fell dead 200 meters from the checkpoint.

He assured that it would take time for all of it to be reviewed and that the case will be handled impartially in order to ensure fairness for both parties.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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