Oppose amending the criteria for the referendum.

Parliament, "Wanchai" states that there is no reason to amend the referendum law, reduce the voting criteria, pointing out that the old one is not an obstacle and can amend the constitution.

Mr. Wanchai Sonsiri, member of the Senate (Senator), as chairman of the working group monitoring constitutional amendments in the Committee (Committee) on Political Development. Public Participation The Senate discussed the case of a proposal to amend the Act (Act) regarding referendum. To reduce the voting criteria for matters to pass a referendum from the previous criteria of having more than 50% of those eligible to vote in the referendum. and those who came to vote in the referendum said that as a former parliamentary committee member who considered the draft referendum bill in the previous parliament I see no reason for the necessity of amending the said provisions. Moreover, in considering such issues, careful consideration was given. Because if only 20% - 30% of people come out to exercise their rights or vote, it may be considered that the referendum is not liked.

“I don't see any problems or obstacles or problems that would prevent me from amending the constitution. Because of the content of the referendum law The criteria for exercising voting rights are set out in the recently enacted referendum law. In order to create legitimacy for amending the constitution, therefore, if we reduce the said criteria, it may not be beneficial and may affect the results of the referendum by reducing it,” Mr. Wanchai said.

Mr. Wanchai said that the reason for the issue being raised by the party or the political party that came out to support it. It's a political point of view. It is of no use to the people or the country. Because in the specified criteria Important matters for the benefit of the people and the nation Personally, I also think that if the amendment were to be made, it might prolong the time for amending the constitution. From the beginning, it might only take time for the current government. When asked about asking questions about the referendum At present, it is found that there are proposals to make it a peripheral issue, such as not amending Section 1 and Section 2, the origins of the Constitutional Drafting Assembly (MPs).

Mr. Wanchai believes that the referendum question must come from the Cabinet (Cabinet), which consults with the Election Commission (EC). It must be a simple question. And there is no need for additional issues or questions, such as whether you agree or not with the preparation of the constitution by the MPs. Used for use in studying the referendum guidelines only.

Source: Thai News Agency