The Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation (WMP) says 71.7% of Thai males ages 20-35 have several "gigs" or bits on the side.

The finding of Thai young adults having several gigs or bits on the side (girl friends with short-term relationship) came from its recent survey of Family Violence with Male Gender-based Dominance.

A total of 1,617 samples of Thai young adults ages 20-35 were interviewed.

The result showed that 8O% of these samples have bawled out their wives and lovers, and 74.7% have admitted of using rude words with them to relieve anger and frustration.

But a significant finding what was that 71.7% of them admitted to have several gigs for choice.

The survey also revealed that when these young adults get angry, 57.3% will resort to destroying things in the houses, 68.9% will leave the house for drinking.

But what the foundation most worried was that 44.8% of those leaving the house for drinking will return and assault their wives or lovers, and 42.4% of these drunk adults will resort to forced sexual intercourses.

WMP director JadetChaovilai said the survey reflected an underlying fact in the Thai family that family violence still prevails.

Therefore it was vital to start a campaign to alter the attitude of male-gender based dominance in the Thai societies and create gender equality in the societies and to stop violences against women and children.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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