The Pattaya City and the military today shut down the operation of the Golden Cliff House hotel in Pattaya temporarily as it put up an official notice ordering it's owner to demolish the swimming pool and other structures which jut into the sea illegally within 45 days.

Leading the team of Pattaya City officials and soldiers from the 21st Infantry Regiment of the Royal Guards to put up the sign was the head of the Pattaya City MrChanatpongSriviset.

The local authorities also sealed off the entrance to the hotel with barrier tape to enforce the order suspending the operation of the hotel on a temporary basis.

The suspension of the hotel service came after authorities found that the owner misused the building as hotel instead of residential purposes as stated in its licence.

The place was licensed as residential building but it was used as hotel instead which is against the Building Control Act 2522.

The suspension of service will be lifted once the owner has applied proper hotel license from local authorities.

The notice ordered the owner to demolish the swimming pool and other structures that were built into the sea within 45 days.

Meanwhile the hotel management today also banned entry by media representatives to observe the place.

It also announced suspension of hotel service temporarily.

Pattaya police earlier issued a summons for the owner of Golden Cliff House hotel located in a soi next to KhaoTamnak, MsChanthiraWorakulsathien, to show up at the police station on Monday for questioning, but she asked for the postponement of the meeting with the police.

MsChanthira said the hotel was leased to MrWatthananYimlamai and also claimed that the swimming pool that juts into the sea was constructed about ten years ago and that she had paid tax properly throughout those years.

Officials of the Marine Department in Pattaya, however, claimed that they had never been aware that the pool juts into the sea covering a total area of 770 square metres and that the area could not be legally claimed.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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